Sweat Lodge Tape Demo EP

by Sweat Lodge

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paul rote
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paul rote Their other release on bandcamp is an incomplete recording,I don't know why it's for sale,I missed out on this gem because I played that first. Good doomy retro rock. Favorite track: Boogie Bride.
Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison thumbnail
Harry Harrison The time-stamp on this EP by the other reviews are spot-on. The Sabbath worship is obvious, but don’t think it’s just a sound-a-like. If only ‘13’ sounded like this………………. Favorite track: Boogie Bride.
Luca Gabino
Luca Gabino thumbnail
Luca Gabino This is becoming very fast my favorite record and favorite band in a while. They kidnap and seduce you with their melodies and warm voice and then they kill you with their brutal riffs. Of course Black Sabbath is a big influence but I hear also a lot of other early 70's bands in there, like Crabby Appleton and Budgie to name a few. Said this they still remain original and sure as hell this album is gonna grow on you with every listen.
Scumbag thumbnail
Scumbag Well, Sabotage is, without a doubt, my favourite Black Sab album from the Ozzy era so naturally FDJ's comment intrigued me. And just as naturally his recommendation didn't let me down! Solid and rockin'!

BTW, my fave Black Sabbath album of all time - Dehumanizer! I don't care if you think I'm nuts, I'm proudly sticking strong to it.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ Really good retro stoner rock that you would normally associate with Sweden but this time coming from the good old US of A. There is an obvious Sabbath influence but these guys have taken that influence from the Sabs "Sabotage" era rather than the classic first four. Favorite track: Tramplifier.


Self released on 100 cassette tapes. Demo style. Same tracks are available on our debut album "Talismana".


released March 12, 2013



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Sweat Lodge Austin, Texas

Sweat Lodge is a Hard Rock band from Austin, TX. We have shared bills with Pentagram, Raven (UK), Satan (UK), Graveyard, Church Of Misery, Earthless, Mondo Generator, Kadavar, The Shrine, Spirit Caravan, Sons of Huns, Orchid, Atomic Bitchwax, Yob, Acid King, Mos Generator, The Sword, The Well, Zoroaster, Sons Of Huns, Satan's Satryrs, Black Oak Arkansas, Amplified Heat, American Sharks, & more. ... more

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Track Name: Tramplifier
this scene is electric with secrets
teeming toxic and baiting the leeches
felt it coursing my veins then relinquished
not safe from the air that were breathing

never called by the name i was given
only venomous licks as shes seething
only served to murder the meaning
found peace in the ground as were grieving

a white noise that keeps me awake
the whispering wind that blows me away
hands in the stars
voice from afar
painting my scars

obsessed with a maiden of crimson
angel eyes in the face of a demon
bathed in light and red was the reason
felt the cold with the change of the seasons

longing only to feel your vibration
the pulse you emit when you're fucked up and raging
incensed i'll ignore even more as it hastens
our sense of eternal damnation

i hear you from far and away
the echo of which will never decay
hands in the stars voice from afar
painting my scars

(chorus repeat)
Track Name: Boogie Bride
chin up mother
dry your tears
help me sister
calm these fears

with you're heart
i'm incited
need you're love unrequited
cant deny it
bliss is vital
this boogie bride just
danced on by us

alone in the dark again
just'a casting her spells

guide me brother
conscience cleared
only fire
if smoke appears
with your flame
im ignited
need youre love unrequited
cant deny it
bliss is vital
this boogie bride just
danced on by us

sits in the dark again
just'a casting her spells

distant cousin
next of kin
help this snake to
shed its skin

with youre heart
im excited
need youre love unrequited
cant deny it
bliss is vital
this boogie bride just
danced on by us

alone in the dark again
picks me apart again
doomed from the start its been
feeling black as her heart has been

wash it away
burn it all
pride it come before the fall

wash it away
burn it all
pride it come before the fall
before this fall
Track Name: Heavy Head
come with me
lay down inside of this dream
the burning trees
the only light we'll need
full release
lay youre heavy head here on me

could bare see through a dirty window
could barely with the heat from youre pillow'
crying shame as i weep in the willows
build a hedge over me til i get home
ive been moving by star and by moon
wont survive and the light is my tomb
wont rely on the skys cartoons
mother earth wont you come home soon

(Chorus repeat)
Track Name: Banshee Call
one turned the corner
and saw a true ghost
one struck with fear
forever comatose
one left in wanting of potions release

walk the trodden trail
with never turning back
souls that turned to salt
litter these vagrant tracks
cut me deep within
and tread the razors path
burn these lips to blackened tips
and live this fatal lapse

madness has stricken
the wretched and wicked
who long for the taste of blood
the cold empty-hearted and dearly-departed
have nothing to offer this world
def to the noise
but i hear youre voice
calling me back home